HPC Generator

IFA Check Digit Generator for HPC

With the Health Product Code (HPC) item numbers that are assigned directly by the manufacturer can be converted into an internationally unique format. The HPC is composed of the following five substring elements, which are described in detail in chapter 3.2.2.ff of Specification UDI Use of the IFA Coding System for MD:

Here you can find Technical Information on PZN Coding -Check Digit Calculations-.

To generate the 2-digit Check Digit for the HPC, please fill in the respective fields and click on the button to create HPC. The 2-digit PRA Code 13 is automatically prefixed.

Packaging Level Index

Please note that the Packaging Level Index must be added as the last digit after the Supplier Part Number with a value from zero to eight in the Supplier Part Number field. If you do not need a Packaging Level Index, please add a zero.

Please enter the 5-digit IFA Supplier Number.
Please enter a Supplier Part Number to a maximum of 13 digits (0-9, A-Z).


Multiple answers to your questions about Unique Device Identification (UDI) and the use of the PPN as UDI-DI, can be found in the lower part of the FAQ

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