IFA information service – sample products

Sample product 10228 is a data stock product, i.e. it contains all data available in the IFA Database at the observation date.

Sample product 20228 is an update product. It contains all new entries, changes and deletions in the observation period.

Both products contain all Main Objects of the IFA Database, i.e. articles and addresses, as well as the associated Key Objects.

See here the graphic representation of the relationships between the Objects:

  1. Data Stock: All data available in the IFA database at the observation date.
    Updates: First publications, changes and deletions in the observation period.

  2. Publication perspective: Observation dates and periods refer to the publication dates - usually every 1st and 15th of a month - and to the associated reporting deadlines according to the IFA Publication Calendar. 

  3. Field ID: This column lists the record types that contain the information on the objects indicated.
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