IFA GmbH is an information service provider for the pharmaceutical market and provides information services including economic and legal information for goods sold in pharmacies in Germany.

IFA current information

Current information and topics about IFA GmbH, the IFA database and the IFA services.

Company profile

IFA GmbH is an information service provider for the German pharmaceutical market and a common clearing house for the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmacists in Germany.

IFA database

How are products added to the product master list? How do users access the product data? Information about gathering and processing of product data in the IFA database.

IFA customers

Who benefits from the IFA GmbH services? IFA GmbH provides their clients with PZN as unique identification numbers for their products and / or IFA master data for their inventory management systems.


Address and contact details of IFA GmbH shareholders.

Cooperative parterships

ABDATA Pharma-Daten-Service verifies the pharmaceutical data as submitted by the sup- plier to the IFA GmbH and supplements it with additional pharmaceutical information if ap- plicable.

Job vacanies

Search current job vacancies at IFA GmbH.

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